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The story of B.Livesey Ltd.

The family business was founded in 1848 by Benjamin Livesey and carried on through generations of sons until the premature death of John Benjamin Livesey in 1967, at the age of 47, The business was then continued by his widow, Jane H . LiveseyJ.P, and is now run by her sons, Chris and Tony Livesey.


In its early years the business was situated behind the Royal Oak Hotel in Market Street and were the proud owners of one of the first petrol pumps in Chorley. The company’s first motorcar was purchased in 1923. In the 1920’s the stables were rebuilt having been gutted by a serious fire. In 1938, B.Livesey LTD were relocated to Livesey Street, following compulsory purchase of their premises for the widening of Market Street and the rebuilding of the Royal Oak.


In 1961 a new Funeral Home was built, incorporating a service Chapel and rooms of Repose. Mrs. Livesey fulfilled her late husbands wishes and developed the business by purchasing HILL’s Printers and developing a Limousine garage, Taxis and extended petrol station, occupying nearly one third of Livesey Street. The company settled there for nearly 60 years building new offices in the early 1970’s.


Another compulsory purchase order served by the local council in 1993 forced them to move into temporary premises in Moor Road. They immediately started to look for land for their new purpose built premises and the foundation stone was laid on the 22nd January 1996 by Mrs. Livesey, in the presence of her sons Chris and Tony.